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N. F. Railway Mazdoor Union has been formed on January 15,1958 bifurcating North Eastern Railway. It is carrying the legacy of Assam Bengal Railway (ABR), Bengal Dooars Rly, Dibru -Sadia Railway, Ledo & Tipak Margherita Colliery Railway, Tezpur Baliparalight Railway, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Jorhat Railway formed during the last part of Nineteenth Century and Chapermukh-Silghat Railway Katakhal-Lala Bazar Railway, Cooch Bihar State Railway formed during early twentieth century. Due to re-grouping of different Railway system at different parts of then East Bengal Railway, Bengal and Assam Railway.and subsequently Bengal Assam Railway (B.A. Railway) was formed in 1941. After partition of IndiaAssam Railway came into being from August 15th 1947 with portion of B.A. Railway and Kathihar portion of Oudh Tirhut(O.T.) Railway. subsequently after re-grouping of Indian Railway system N.E. Railway was formed in April1953.

During Assam Bengal Railway (ABR) in 1920s the Tea Garden workers hail from Bihar, Orrisa and Madhya Pradesh started deserting Tea gardens due to epidemic of Maliria and Kalajar. Many Tea gardens faced closure. The European owners of Tea gardens force the workers to stay back and on refusal the police opened fire at many places on the tea garden workers. The railway workers under the leadership of Desapriya J.M. Sengupta went on Strike in protest against this brutality. The brutality was stopped.


B.A. Railway comprises of almost whole portion of present N.F.Rly. including Sealdah of present E.Rly, B.A.Railway Employees Association was formed with Prof. Humayun Kabir, Kiran Choudhury as President and General Secretary respectively. On the demand of All India Railwaymen”s Federation No. LR. (22), dated 23rd April, 1946 to Adjudicate on the demands of reduction of working hours, weekly rest, adequate leave reserve, liberalisation of leave rules, paid holidays etc. Prof. Humayun Kabir, President, B.A.Railway Employees Association was appointed staff side Assessor, being nominated by AIRF Prof. Kabir worked hard and was successful in securing justice

Immediately after world war II, thousand of were rendered surplus. Demand for raising the wage level and other issues were agitating the minds of Railwaymen .AIRF gave a clarion call to launch an indefinite strike from 27th june 1946, Union led by Shri Cherag All, a stooge of British Govt. opposed the strike Prof. Kabir, Kiran Choudhury, Niharendu Dutta Majumder and host of other workers of B.A. Railway Employees Association worked hard to make the strike a grand succees. Prof. Kabir was bitten badly at Bhairab Bazar Rly. Station by the fanatic supporters of Shri Cherag Ali. But the incident could not deter Prof. Kabor to his task of full proof preparation for strike. However, good sense prevailed, the retrenchment notices issued on thousands of Railwaymen were withdrawn and First Central pay commission appointed.


On the formation of Assam Railway, Assam Railway Labour Association was formed in 1947 with Shri Hareswar Goswami, Bar-at-Law as President and Shri Suren Choudhury as General Secretary while com. Priya Gupta was elected as joint General Secretary. Subsequently Shri Nibaran Boro was elected as General Secretary of the union. These were trying years with outfall of Partition of the country. The refugee Problem, problem of shelter, drinking water, medical facilities etc. Assam Railway Labour Association had to fight them out.

After the report of first CPC, joint Advisory Committee was formed to remove the anomalies created by the CPC. Com. Priya Gupta had to work hard to get the anomalies removed for large number of categories of Railwaymen.

Com. Hareswar Goswami was guide and philosopher, Com. Suren Choudhury was man of simple nature and a loving personality.


Due to re-grouping of entire India Railways system, N.E.Rly. was formed in April 1953 with the merger of Assam Railway and O.T. Railway. The amalgamation/conference, of Assam Railway Labour Association and O.T. Railwaymen Union was held at Katihar. Com. Basawan Sinha and Nibaran Bora were elected as President and General Secretary respectively. Com.Priya Gupta was elected General Secretary of the Union in its Annual Conference held at Varanasi in October, 1955.