Important information

seniority list to be published in every alternate year.
CPO/PNO’S S.No 499 No. E/255/0-P III(C) dated.08.12.1961

No sanction for granting annual increment is necessary.Only persons those who are not entitled to get annual increment their list should be prepared and submitted. RB:E(NG) II-76 101/1 DATED.20.01.1977
CPO/MLG’s FIXN/268 DATED.26.04.1977.

Passes will be admissible for medical treatment to RELHS beneficiaries at per with serving employees. RLY Board’s letter No. E(W)/95 TS 5-1/33 DATED.06.08.1999
(Pass will also be admissible to Dependent Children of any age for the purpose.)

Compassionate ground appointment to the wife/wards/dependents of medically de-categorised staff having atleast 5 (five) years or more left and seek Voluntary Retirement will be given n Group “D” only. Rly. Bds. L/No.E(NG) 11/95/RC-1/9 DATED. 14.06.2006.
                A) Extension of Medical Benefit to the Dependent Widow Mother-in-law is appointet on compassionate ground(Rly Bds. L/No. 2004/H/PNM-AIRF DATED.06.10.2004. circulated vide GM(P)/MLG’S No. Med/217 dated 28.10.2004)

Treatment of dependent children over 25 years,employees self income declaration will suffice Rly Bds. L/No.2007/4/PNM-AIRF/Pt 1 dated.31.10.2007 GM(P) NFR:Med/235 dated.22.11.2007.

Husband and wife be given preference in rescpect of posting in the same station (Rly Bds L/No. E(NG)1-86-TR/14 dated.06.01.1988 Circulated vide- CPO/MLG’S No. MISC/1362 DATED.16.02.1988)

Running staff shll get rest in HQs-for performing duty less then 8 hours rest is 12 hrs for 8 hours & over 16 hrs rest. Rly Bds. L/No E(LL)71HER/9 Dated. 14.04.72

Attendance is not required during suspensionRly Bds L/No. E(D&A)88 RG-17 Dated. 31.08.1983

Minor penalty Memorandum of charges list of documents and extract of relevant documents to be furnished.Rly Rbd. L/No E(D&A) 62 RG6-59 Dt.24.05.63

     A)Brief reasons for imposition of penalty even in case of imposition of minor penalty should be given(Rly Brd L/No E(D&A)70 RG -17 dt. 18.08.70)
     B)BE in speaking order (Rly Bds L/No. E(D&A)78 RG 6-11 dt. 3.3.78)

statement of witness, copy of documents listed, resport of fact Finding/Departmental Enquiry and names of members of enquiry committee to be furnished along with memorandum of charges.Rly Bds L/No E(D&A)97RG6-26 dt 12.08.99 CPO/MLG’S No DAC/570 dt.1.11.99

Suspension shall not remain valid after nintey days unlss it is extended after review before expiry of ninety days. Review of suspension shall be done competent authority, and shall pass order revoking or extending suspension before expiry of another 90 days. Subsequent review shall be made before expiry of another ninety days.Subsquent review shall be made before expiry of extended period. Rlyt Bds L/No.:E(D&A)2004/RG 6-8 dated.18.07.2006
GM(P)’s MLG L/No. DAC/625 dated. 08.08.2006.

Appeal for revocation for Suspension lies with the next higher authority.Rly Bds L/no. E(D&A) 81RG 6-43 dated. 05.05.83CPO/MLG’s L/No. DAC/386 dated.25.05.1983.

Where employees was suspended and then minor penalty was awarded,the whole period of suspension to be treated on duty.Rly Bds L/No. E(D&A)86/RG 6-19 dated.21.03.1986
CPO MLG’s L/No. TAC/428 dated. 15.04.1986

DAR Procedure to be dropped in the event of death of the declinquent. Rly Bds L/No. E(D&A)99RG 6-26 dated. 19.06.2000.
CPO MLG’s L/No. DAC/578 dated 21.08.2000

Duty hours of patrolman should be continuous. No split shift duty from tool box.Rly Bds L/No. E(LWA)68/HER/67 dated. 03.12.1969 CPO/PNO’s No. LL/87 dated. 13.10.1970

Lunch break for Gangman one hour in summer and 30 Min in winter from 1.8.89CPO/MLG’s XXR No. E/123/44Adj/P.V. 29.02.88

LAC meeting in addition to drawal of Works programme,Second meeting on recipt of Fund and third meeting from midterm appraisal.Rly Bd’s L/No.2000LMB/20/30 dated 07.082001

Immediately on recipt of a Memorandum of Charge or Minor,appeal may be made to the Disciplinary Authority to grant 3/4 days absence for preparation of a representation.Once the absence is allowed no extension of time for the purpose will be admissible. The period of absence will be treated as duty. RB’s L/No R(D&A) 2004/RG6-14 Dt. 02.07.2004 (DAC/60 Dt. 23.07.2004)

There is no provision if stiff Major/Stiff Minor penalties.RB’s L/No.2010/VI/DAR/1/1 Dt.07.12.2012 (DAC/68 Dt.02.01.2013)