1. Revised Minimum wage from Rs. 18000/- from 01.01.2016

2. Revise formula for fixation of pay under 7th CPC from 01.01.2016

3.Restore the rates of percentage of pay and allowances, as existed prior to 7th CPC and pay them from 01.01.2016

4.  a) Revise norms for granting the benifit of MACP from 'Very Good' to 'GOOD' and grant MACP on promotional hierarchy basis.
 b) Increase persentage of promotion through LDCE and GDCE.

5. Crap NPS and pay pension & family Pension irrespective of their date of appointment.

6. Impliment recomendation of 7th CPC in respect of improved pay scale of different catagories of Railwaymen.

7. Upgrade all Supervisory posts now in level 7-9 to Group 'B'.

8. Revise the rates of Running Allowances and other Alloances relating to Running Staff.

9. Stop surrendering of posts on thumb rule,sanction additional post in commensurate with the setting up of aditional track, station, additional work load, introduction of additional train services ect. without insisting on matching saving.

10.Stop off loading of work to outside agencies/contractors violating the provision of contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act,1970

11. A Restore the scope of LARGESS to all staff.

12.Provide compassionate ground appintment within a period of 3 Months.

13. Improve condition of Railway Qrs. Rly Colonies, electricity to all quaters,providing up-to-date facilities and ensure supply of drinking water to all the quarters.

14. Provide quality treatment in all Railway Hospitals and provide medical facilities to all staff working in Ganghuts, road-side stations and remote places.

15. Ensure educational facilities to the wards of all staff.

16.Follow charter circulated by the Railway Board on 25.10.2017.

17.Provide employment to the quasi Administrative staff.

18.Provide employment to all wards of railwaymen.

19.Ensure continuance and strengthen bilateral discussion and bilateral decision.

20.Re-call the orders issued on 30.01.2017 imposing restrictions on Technical Supervisors working in safety posts to be office Bearer of recognized Unions.

21.Restructure all leftover categories.

22.Impliment own your own house" proposal of M.R.