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Rly employees under the banner of AIRF and NF Rly Maazdoor union sucessfully complited nation-wide 72-hour hunger strike in protest against the New Pension Scheme and pay pension and famil pension all Rly. employees, improve minimum wage and revised pay fixation formula,stop outsourcing and privatisation in Rly,settle all outstanding problems including running allowence,removal of anomalies,filling up of vacancies,upgradation of cadres,MACP problem,re-introduction of LASGESS etc. on MAY-08.

NF Railway Mazdoor Union congratulates all Railwaymen for extending massive supports to form Board of Directos of CCS (Bank)

Contact your branch to participate in Trade Union Education Programme.

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Special Train Controller Allowances-Rs 5000/- PM
GM(P)/MLG No RA/153 Dated:21.8.2017
Transport Allowance-Who are drawing pay of Rs 21,200/ and above in pay level 1 & 2 eligible to grant of transport allowance @ Rs.3600/- plus DA there at the cities mentioned in annexure and @ Rs.1800/- plus DA there on at all other places.
RBE No.96/2017 Dated:17/08/2017.

Special Compensatory allowances subsumed under tough location allowance:

Sl.No Name of the allowancces Category Cell Name Pay level in Pay metrix Rate per Month(in Rs.)
1 Special Compensatory(Remote locality)allowance:
(I)Special Compensatory(Remote locality)allowance places covered under part-A&B(Anexure I&II)
Tough Location Allowance-I R3H1 Level 9 and above
Level 8 and below
(II)Special Compensatory(Remote locality)allowance places covered under part-C(Anexure III) Tough Location Allowance-II R3H2 level 9 and above
Level 8 and below
(III)Special Compensatory(Remote locality)allowance places covered under part-D(Anexure IV) Tough Location Allowance-III R3H3 level 9 and above
Level 8 and below
2 Bad Climate Allowance Tough Location Allowance-III R3H3 level 9 and above
Level 8 and below
3 Tribal Area Allowance Tough Location Allowance-III R3H3 level 9 and above
Level 8 and below
4 Tough Location Allowance-III R3H3 level 9 and above
Level 8 and below

Daily Allowances:
7th CPC Pay Level in Pay Matrix Entitlement
14 and above Rs. 1200/-
12 and 13 Rs. 1000/-
9 to 11 Rs. 900/-
6 to 8 Rs.800/-
5 and below Rs. 500/-

NB:- these daily allowance rate will go up by 25% every time the DA goes up by 50%

Additional Allowances of running staff-LP-mail LP/Pass and motor man, Guard a the following rates.
a)Rs 2250/-pm LP/Mail &exp.
b)Rs 1125/-pm LP/Passanger and Motor man and Guard Mail/Exp. c)Rs 750/-pm to LP/Goods and passenger Guard.
RBE No.85/2017 Dated 10/8/2017

Conveyance Allowance:
Avarage Monthly travel on official duty For Journey by own Motor Car For journey by other modes of Conveyance
201-300km 1680 556
301-450km 2520 720
451-600km 2980 960
601-800km 3646 1126
>800km 4500 1276

Special(Duty) Allowance for railway employees(SDA)of North Eastern Region and Ladakh@10% of basic Pay.
RBE No. 88/2017 Dated 10/082017

Risk and Hardship allowance for Track maintainers-I,II,III&IV of Indian Railways:Rs2700/- for level 8 and below and Rs.3400/- for level 9 and above.
RBE No. 87/2017 Dated-10.08.2017

Grant of fixed medical allowance to Pensioners'/Family Pensioners enhence from Rs.500 to 1000/- pm
RBE No. 75/2017 dated-28.07.2017

Grant of children Education allowence:
a)The ammount fixed for reimbursement of children education allowence Rs2250/-pm
b)Reimbursement of hostel subsidy Rs 6750/-pm
MOP,PG and pensions,DOPT and training No.A-27012/12/02/2017-ESH(AL)

National Holy Day Allowence:
Pay level in the Pay matrix(VII CPC) Rate of Allowence(per day)
1 to 2 Rs 384/-
3 to 5 Rs 477/-
6 to 8(limited to non gazettd staff) Rs 630/-

* The rates of the allowence will further increase by 25% each time DA rise by 50%
RBE No.108/2017 Dt.30-08-17.

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