Prof. Kabir was a renewed Litterateur. His contribution in the field is immense and immemorable. When the Country by Communal frenzies, Prof. Kabir steadfast and preached the message of communal harmony and sometimes had to pay the price in the hands of communal forces. He was member in the Legislative Assembly and Member Parliament. He was Minister in the Union Cabinet. As trade Union leader his contribution was immense.


Simple, self sacrificing and unassuming personality. He was Office Supdt of CAO/Assam Rly. when Sri B.Arora was CAO. His son was working as welder at Gorakhpur Workshop. Surenda tried for his transfer from Gorakhpur to Kanchrapara. Shri B.Arora was the GM/N.E Railway. One day Shri Arora could see Suren Choudhury at Gorakhpur. Shri Arora asked "Surenda what makes you to come here". He replied " I have some personal work". Shri Arora asked " what is your personal work"? Surenda said it was transfer of his son from Gorakhpur to Kanchrapara. Shri Arora said " why did you not tell me?" Surenda replied "since this is my pure personal work, I did not tell you." After going to office Shri Arora called for the file and arrange to issue transfer order of son of Shri Suren Choudhury. Such a man Shri Suren Choudhury was.


Shri Hareswar Goswami, Bar-at-law did not join the Bar. He joined in politics in 1940. He was imprisoned in 1940. He joined August movement and was imprisoned from September, 1944 in Sylhet Jail He was elected to the Assam Legislative Assembly consecutively in 1952, 1957 & 1962 General Elections from Palasbari constituency of Kamrup District as a candidate of Socialist Party, later on P.S.P. He was leader of opposition. Later on he was elected to the post of Speaker in the Assam Legislative Assembly in the year 1967. He was President of Assam Railway Labour Associations ad N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union and Vice-President of N.E.Railway Mazdoor Union. His contribution in furthering of Trade Union movement in Assam is remarkable. He was born in February 1918 and died on 10.5.68.


A close disciple of Joy Prakash Narayan. He used to be called 'Bir Basawan'. He had a towerning personality. He was member of Bihar Legislative Assembly from Dalminager for several terms. He was President of Hind Mazdoor Sabha (All India) Vice-President, AIRF. He suffered imprisonment for years. He toured over N.F.Railway for Strike preparation of 1968 & 1964, unmindful of his failing health. HJe was the President of N.E.Railway Mazdoor Union for decades and Vice-President of N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union for several years.


Shri Basanta Ch. Ghose, Senior Advocate was a renowned lawyer. He fought the case of Rule 149 RI under which Com. Priya Gupta and hundreds of others were discharged from service. Hon'ble Supreme court of India struck down the Rule as ultravires. Hundreds of employees got back their job. When N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union was running short of money for conducting Court cases after 1960 & 1968 Strikes against withdrawal of Recognition of the Union and removal/dismissed. Shri Basanta Ghose himself paid the money from his own account. He was the President of the Union and guided the Union successfully for decades.


Shri Hem Barua was the Principal of B.Barua College, Guwahati. He was elected to the Lok Sabha from Guwahati Parliamentary Constituency, later on Mangaldoi (due to delimitation of area) in the General Election of 1957, 1962 and 1967 as a candidate of P.S.P. He was one of the ranking Parliamentarian of the country and best Parliamentarian of all time from the motherland of Assam. He was pioneer in the movement of setting up of Oil Refineries in Assam and movement of upliftment of life of down trodden. He gave his best in strengthening the organisation of N.F.Rly. Mazdoor Union.


Man of undaunted sprit. Basically a Kisan leader. He was in Purnea Jail for over 2 months alongwith Com. Priya Gupta for launching Kisan movement. Elected in Lok Sabha for Kishanganj constituency in 1767 and Purnea in 1977. He was arrested alongwith Yubraj Singh and others at Katihar during 1960 Strike. He was Vice-President of the N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union several years.


Shri Biswa Goswami was self sacrificing man. He joined in all the movements of N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union even when he was not an office bearer of this Union. His contribution in Refinery movement, University student movement and Kisan movement was appreciable. He was Elected Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). He was Vice-President of N.F.Railway Mazdoor Union for years. He suffered imprisonment during 1974 strike and during Internal Emergency from June/1975 to January/1977.